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Independent ProjectsConversational Partner

Conversational Partner, 2016
Photo: Brenner/Snider

Allie Brenner & Laura Snider

Allie Brenner - Waterloo, Canada
Laura Snider - Kitchener, Canada

Communication technology is ever evolving. Modifying the ways we interact and negotiate socially in our daily lives, Conversational Partner creates a space for art viewer to become participant, reconsidering the constructed space and ways we engage within it. The public is encouraged to engage with modules of tin can phone sculptures, which will create a performance through interactivity, as well as an auditory or sound costuming of the space.

We live in a world of smartphones, video calling, and social media; often losing touch with the ability to engage with each other at face value. When we are in public space; technology paradoxically gives us the opportunity to disengage with others.

Conversational Partner gives an invitation to free play and free conversation between people within the public space through critical art intervention.

Allie Brenner & Laura Snider's interactive sculptures reconsider social habits in the public space promoting participation, engagement, and play. 

Interactive Installation


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Mirvish Village

581 Bloor Street West (Honest Ed’s Parking Lot, accessible by Lennox Street or Honest Ed's Alley.)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.