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Continuum: Pushing Towards the Light, 2018

Continuum: Pushing Towards the Light (rendering), 2018
Photo: Justine Levesque

Brandy Leary - Toronto, Canada
Anandam Dancetheatre - Toronto, Canada

In the new performance work Continuum, an ensemble of dance and circus artists will use light as a choreographic element. And they will use it to engage a unique space: that of the CF Toronto Eaton Centre bridge over Queen Street West. Since the bridge is made of glass, the performance and its light will also radiate to the street below.

Continuum promises to contrast a seemingly ephemeral architecture of light and movement against the physical architecture of a bridge and bodies. Through a process of slowing down and softening, the volume of viewer attention will be allowed to expand. And as attention expands, so do communal energies in manifesting higher vibrations—like hope and the capacity to be present here and now.

Working with gently shifting gradients of light and colour, as well as the slow movement of an ensemble of bodies, Continuum will push against the weight of the current moment to create a performance of pure, vibratory energy that builds throughout the evening. Continuum shall examine a slowing down of the senses and a deceleration of the urban environment. Urban architecture and spaces will be recontextualized and animated via new sensorial orientations.

Brandy Leary is a choreographer, dancer, curator and acrobat whose work is concerned with entanglements of bodies, landscapes and histories. She creates contemporary performance through the body with an artistic practice rooted in dance, martial arts, ritual, circus and theatre.

Anandam Dancetheatre creates live performances that explore the body as a curious, shifting filter for diverse viewpoints and practices. Performances are created from dissonant sources, often in alternative spaces or re-envisioned traditional ones.

Performance Art


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CF Toronto Eaton Centre bridge

14 Queen Street West (Continuum will be viewable from below the CF Toronto Eaton Centre Bridge on Queen Street.)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.