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Militant Nostalgia curated by Paco BarragánThe Museum of Broken Watches, 2015

The Museum of Broken Watches, 2015
Photo: Trevor Mahovsky

Trevor Mahovsky and Rhonda Weppler - Toronto/Vancouver, Canada

A museum of stopped personal analog timepieces, this collection simultaneously functions as a working digital public clock. Held in a single case, 720 watches are each stopped at a different minute, and collectively they display all possible hour and minute combinations of a 12-hour clock. Each watch is shown in an individual compartment with digitally controlled lights, so that only the watch showing the current time is lit.

The wear and tear on the watches marks their passage through the world, with many taking on the aura of keepsakes, evoking missing owners. The world is full of such obsolete things, collecting dust in drawers. Maybe even public clocks can be thought of this way, though no drawer is big enough for them.

The Museum can be seen as a comedic shoring up (a digital revival of broken analogue) or a sealing up (as a reliquary) of the watches. What do we carry with us, what do we toss aside, and what do we find lying around anyway, despite our choice? 

Carry the Museum of Broken Watches with you all night. Download the app through the link under the LEARN MORE tab and use it to time your night at Nuit Blanche. (iPhone compatible)

Weppler and Mahovsky have worked collaboratively since 2004. Exhibits include: LABoral (Gijon), Dos de Mayo (Madrid), Aurora (Dallas), Flux Night (Atlanta), Vancouver Art Gallery and Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Power Plant (Toronto), Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal, Tokyo Wonder Site, loop-raum (Berlin), Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Halifax) and Alter Space (San Francisco). Their work is represented in public collections such as the National Gallery of Canada. In 2014, they won the 2014 Glenfiddich Prize.



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