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Militant Nostalgia curated by Paco BarragánWaiting, 2015

Waiting, 2015
Photo: Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Erwin Olaf's multimedia installation Waiting draws on the shapes and shadows of film noir to capture the tension and creeping discomfort one feels when waiting for someone who never arrives.

For this showing, two short films shot in black and white document the behaviour of a woman as she waits. Screened simultaneously, the films will be accompanied by a haunting elemental piano score composed by Sebastiaan Roestenburg, played live.

In the films, a striking young woman with a sharp black bob sits at a round table in a restaurant, waiting for someone. One shows the audience a wide angle view of the restaurant, the second — an intimate and unforgiving close-up. The woman appears elegant and self-possessed at first, but as the moments pass with no sign of her date, her patience frays. Viewers are forced to wait and grow restless with her. With no indication of how this story will end, the muscles in her face contort and strain as disappointment settles around her. We experience along with her the slow and agonizing process of disillusionment and hopes shattered.

Erwin Olaf is an internationally renowned photographer and filmmaker based in Amsterdam.

In 1991, well into an established career as a photographer, he began working with film, which continues to be an important medium for his art. Moving images often provide a parallel history to his highly stylized colour photography. By providing scenic and striking design, combined with his passion for conceiving flawless scenarios, Olaf vividly captures the essence of contemporary life detailing the moments between actions.

Film Installation


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QRC West

134 Peter Street

Suitable for all ages

With assistance from The Consulate General of The Kingdom of The Netherlands.

This project is indoors.