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Militant Nostalgia curated by Paco BarragánScenes of Failure, 2016

Scenes of Failure, 2016

Enrique Marty - Madrid, Spain

Enrique Marty's work explores situations in which the familiar becomes disturbingly strange, exposing the dark and magical side of our apparently normal lives. He paints day-to-day experiences in which his protagonists, often lifted directly from his immediate surroundings, lose their reassuringly everyday looks and morph into absurdity and satire.

For this installation in two parts, Marty has created a short animated film telling the story of his nephew Luis who lives and works in Madrid but has dreamed of moving to Toronto. He has never visited the city, knows no one who lives there, does not speak English and has no expectations of getting a job. An inexplicable urge has made Canada his lifeline.

But despite his determination, whenever he is about to leave, unexpected events occur and delay his departure. Luis's dream of immigration to Canada becomes a chimera: something that exists only in his imagination and is not possible in reality. Reflecting on this real story, the film takes as a starting point one of these unexpected events: Luis's girlfriend's broken arm.

A large-scale outdoor projection of this film is accompanied by an exhibition of more than 1000 watercolour paintings that make up the individual cells of the animation into a hand painted storyboard.

Through theatrical sculpture, painting & video, Enrique Marty compulsively records everything around him, mixing imagery with fantasy and violence to expose life's comedic and dark undertones. Marty has had several solo exhibitions in the US & Europe and has been part of group shows at the Venice Biennale (2001, 2005). His solo show Enrique Marty: Group Therapy, Dark Room, Act of Faith at Domus Artium (DA2) Salamanca in 2014-15 staged a retrospective of 20 years of work. Marty was born in Salamanca and lives and works in Spain.

Video Installation


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Suitable for all ages

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This project is outdoors.