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smjilk - Mississauga, Canada

The city and its inhabitants are in constant conversation. When people move through the city, they encounter arrays of light, shape and motion. In turn, they imbue these cues with meaning. Passage pivots around this point: the city is not an object to be observed, but a changing entity to be shaped by its people.

Passage will invite audience members to reflect on these interactions, transporting them into an interactive pathway of light and motion. Framed by mirrors, audiences will walk along a path extending far beyond its physical boundaries. By transforming an ordinary alley, Passage will encourage audience members to engage with their environment. They are asked to rediscover their city and its possibilities, and in doing so, reinterpret their role in shaping it.

smjilk is an innovation design collective of six multidisciplinary artists whose expertise spans architecture, interiors and spatial design.



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Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West (Back Alleyway)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.