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Militant Nostalgia curated by Paco BarragánMeet Me in the Glass House, 2016

Meet Me in the Glass House (rendering), 2016

Tim White-Sobieski - New York , USA

Abstract in composition, this immersive video installation explores the idea of 'genetic memory' – that there are memories with which we are born, imprinted on our personal history like DNA. The project includes a vast variety of documentary footage and feature-film clips from works by the artist and is accompanied by a sound installation creating a symphony of voices and monologues. The stories told are not linear in nature, one does not have to watch and wait for the end of one clip or start from the beginning of another to understand the plot. Through a montage of videos the viewer can travel an interior world of memory, unattached to any particular place or name. With multiple screens, the video-house connects the past and the present on a stream of consciousness journey. Each clip is a flash of memory.
Meet me in the Glass House looks closely into the universe that exists within a human being, investigating our subjective and unbreakable connection with the past. Are we imprisoned by the memories we carry, both ours and those of our ancestors or sustained by them? And how is the creative state of mind affected when we are separated from our homeland?
Observing the entire installation will be like diving into history – both personal and universal.

Tim White-Sobieski is a contemporary artist, born in Poland with studios in New York and Berlin. He works primarily in photography and video, and has recently shifted focus to fiber-optic video light installations. His pieces have been included in gallery exhibitions in Paris, Vienna and Stockholm among other places. Within the last 15 years, his work has been shown or acquired by more than 30 international museums. Currently, White-Sobieski continues to construct site specific creations using sculpture, photography and video.

Video Installation


OBLIVION Militant Nostalgia And the Transformation Reveals Facing the Sky Independent Projects Major Institutions Event Centre Invictus 360°

Metro Hall plaza

55 John Street

Suitable for all ages

With assistance from Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto

This project is outdoors.