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Operations (1945–2006): Movements

Operations (1945-2006): Movements, 2018
Photo: John Gundy

boundary conditions / performance assembly

Michael Reinhart - Toronto, Canada
Magdalena Vasko - Toronto, Canada
boundary conditions / performance assembly
Ze Mair - Toronto, Canada
Moez Surani - Toronto, Canada

Operations (1945–2006): Movements is a public performance installation combining ballet and poetry to express the scale of 20th-century military operations by United Nations members. The performance is based on Canadian poet Moez Surani’s Operations (Book*hug, 2016), a critically praised work of conceptual poetry comprised of the code names of military operations conducted by UN-member countries since October 1945.

The performance will embody these 3,600 unique military-operation names as a piece of ballet choreography that is repeated once for every operation (that is, more than 3,600 times in a 12-hour period). The ballet will create a physical memorial in the space that ultimately serves as a collected archive of the scope 20th-century military activities. This project is supported by The Canada Council for the Arts and The Ontario Arts Council.

boundary conditions / performance assembly is a new Toronto-based art group that produces interdisciplinary performance initiatives.

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Cecil Community Centre

58 Cecil Street

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.