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Hope, 2018
Photo: Osnat Lippa


One Path
Hortense Gerardo - Boston, USA
Osnat Lippa - Toronto, Canada
Maryam Sadrolhefazi - Richmond Hill, Canada
Isabel Fryszberg - Toronto, Canada
Wendy Wobeser - Kingston, Canada
Elizabeth Greisman - Toronto, Canada
Tracy Gorman - Toronto, Canada
Wendy Woodworth - Toronto, Canada
Joanne LeBlanc - Toronto, Canada
Jane Burns - Toronto, Canada
Laura Burns - Toronto, Canada
Hillcrest Village Fibreworks - Toronto, Canada
Kelly Carroll - St. Catherines , Canada
Barbara Cook - Toronto, Canada

Society. Women. Past. Present. Future.

W-O-M-A-N is a large-scale, collaborative, interactive, multi-artist and multidisciplinary installation including costume design, horticultural art, mosaics, painting, photography, sculpture, stained glass, videography, textiles, and digital and performance art, including audience participation. This project is about women, by women artists, and is coordinated, curated and managed by women.

The audience will be led through societal rites of passage including birth, puberty, marriage, motherhood, advancement to higher classes, occupational specialization, cultural diversification, death, nurturing, community-making and unity.

This installation is a celebration of what has been called, by some, “the year of the woman.”

One Path is a group of women coming together to create collaborative works of art that tell stories of the many facets of women and their journey.



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Spadina Museum

285 Spadina Road (Five-minute walk north from Dupont subway station or south from St. Clair West subway station)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.