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Star Moon Water Stone

Ensemble Jeng Yi, 2013
Photo: David Hou

Ensemble Jeng Yi

Ensemble Jeng Yi - Toronto, Canada

In Star Moon Water Stone, Ensemble Jeng Yi will anchor a cast of performers for an all-night presentation of drumming, music and dance. Guest appearances will include Japanese taiko and music group Nagata Shachu, Korean zither performer Joo Hyung Kim and the Korean dance company JM Dance Collective.

Weaving music and dance with elements of ritual and theatre, this project aims to recreate the dynamism and eclecticism of all-night shaman rituals performed in Korea. In addition to playing an important role in community-building, such all-night affairs are pivotal in entertaining and appeasing the spirit world. These performances demonstrate a giving of thanks to spirits for their safekeeping during the summer season, and an appeal for their continued guardianship over our home—in this case, Toronto—and its citizens in the coming autumn and winter months.

Ensemble Jeng Yi is a Korean performing arts company. For Nuit Blanche Toronto, it brings together both company and guest artists in music, drumming and dance.

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Church of the Redeemer

162 Bloor Street West

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.