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Militant Nostalgia curated by Paco BarragánThe Merging, 2016

The Merging (rendering), 2016

Nicola Verlato - Los Angeles, USA

A large-scale narrative mural depicting multiple interconnected spaces, inhabited by various figures in motion and inspired by the findings of two of Toronto's prominent historic figures: philosopher Marshall McLuhan and mathematician Donald Coxeter.

McLuhan was the first major communications theorist on the power of media to transform human nature. In a world now dominated by the Internet and social media, his 'revolutionary' ideas are as hotly debated today as they were in the 1960s. The lesser known, but perhaps no less influential Coxeter worked primarily in the field of geometry. His contributions to the theory of polytopes are the mathematic principles widely employed in modern digital animation. Both men are major influences on the forms and frameworks within which the mural will be created.

Creating in the style of Renaissance masters, Nicola Verlato will use 3D scans to create a digital painting. The animation is content for an augmented reality app which triggers experiences when particular images are found in The Merging painting, and in the images on top of the plinths scattered throughout the indoor installation. Download the app through the links under the LEARN MORE tab (iPhone and Android compatible). 

Through the use of the app, the mural becomes an entity between our physical space and the space of the representations, inhabiting our world but also as a portal to infinite explorations.

Nicola Verlato was born in Verona, Italy. He grew up in the countryside in almost complete isolation surrounded by art books, classical music and the animals on his parent's farm. He started painting at the age of seven. Verlato's compositions use the structure of classical painting as the ideal place to bring together the different influences in his life: from Venice, Milan and New York to Los Angeles where he now lives. Verlato's paintings and sculptures were exhibited at the 2009 Venice Biennale in the Italian Pavilion.

Interactive Installation


OBLIVION Militant Nostalgia And the Transformation Reveals Facing the Sky Independent Projects Major Institutions Event Centre Invictus 360°

OCAD University

100 McCaul Street (Project includes a large scale outdoor installation and a second indoor component involving the original painting and augmented reality through a downloadable app.)

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to Quantum Capture and Seed Interactive for their support in the development of the app that accompanies this project.

This project is both indoors and outdoors.