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Militant Nostalgia curated by Paco BarragánLies, 2016

Lies, 2016

Maria José Arjona - Bogota, Colombia

A durational interactive performance during which a series of previously determined questions are asked and answered. Drawing on personal history and experience as a starting point, Maria José Arjona uses questioning as a platform from which to establish a dialogue with the audience. Addressing a wide range of issues such as immigration, gender, politics, art, philosophy and freedom, she builds a narrative that could be fictional or could be truth.

Nostalgic, sometimes raw, the performance integrates video and sound as tools to address memory, simultaneously linking the need to document what we perceive as reality with actual events. For Arjona, the magical realism of fiction and poetry are forms of resistance that allow us the chance to reflect on lived experience while also looking forward into what we believe could be the future.

The script assembles 365 questions on different topics, understanding that these questions as the only truths we have. The rest (the answers) are lies even when documented. Arjona's physical and psychological endurance throughout the process confronts the viewers, who are invited to acknowledge their choice between an active and passive response.

This project is a timed experience that runs approximately 50 minutes.  Venue capacity is limited and the space is intimate, so once the project begins audience members are encouraged to stay for the duration.

Maria José Arjona is a Colombian performance artist well-known throughout Latin America. She has performed at major museums and venues in South America, the U.S. and Europe. Her practice involves long durational performances designed as experiential studies in what she considers the most critical element in performance: time.

Arjona was an artist-in-residence at Robert Wilson's Watermill Arts Center in 2009 and a re-performer for Marina Abramovic's The Artist Is Present retrospective exhibition at MoMA in New York in 2010.

Performance Art


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Artscape Sandbox

301 Adelaide Street West

Parental guidance advised


50 minutes perfomances.

This project is indoors.