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Militant Nostalgia curated by Paco BarragánUtopia’s Ghost (Fallen Flags), 2016

Fallen Flags (rendering), 2015

Arturo Duclos - Santiago, Chile

Utopia's Ghost is a body of work exploring the concept of the Utopian state. With Fallen Flags, Arturo Duclos focuses specifically on failed revolutions born of leftist movements, which have attempted to change society by establishing a more equal distribution of wealth and power.

Challenging traditional perspectives of history and rebellion, colonization and democracy, dictatorship and Marxist doctrine, this project explores the political realities of a Utopian dream. It also tests the ideals of political freedom, as represented by the groups who fought beneath these fallen colours.

Displayed as a large carpet on the street, these fallen flags belong to historic and primarily unsuccessful revolutionary movements in Latin America. Ranging from the Tupamaros in Uruguay to the FPMR in Chile, these movements reset social paradigms through armed struggle and terrorism. They have at their core the same messianic roots as art vanguards. Like artists on the forward edge of contemporary art practice, they are challenging and effecting change to the status quo.

The flags, though controversial in historical context, continue to suggest the spirit of Utopia still present in the struggle of art, while questioning if the end always justifies the means.

Arturo Duclos was born in Santiago, Chile and studied at the School of Arts, Universidad Católica de Chile where he specialized in printmaking. Throughout his career he has participated in solo and group exhibitions and received a number of prestigious awards including the Guggenheim Art Grant. Primarily a painter, his recent work often incorporates images and symbols of great ideologies. By consistently decontextualizing coded forms of communication he challenges their legitimacy and perceived logic.



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