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STYLL curated by Alyssa FearonWards, 2018

Still from Wards, 2018

Andrew Finlay Stewart - Toronto, Canada
Scarborough Community Members - Scarborough, Canada

The wards of Toronto have been redrawn for this year’s upcoming municipal election. Admittedly a dry and bureaucratic subject matter, it affects everyone living in this city. This video installation invites viewers into the Council Chambers of Scarborough Civic Centre to consider the ward boundaries of Scarborough as a microcosm for all types of borders.

This project aims to remind Torontonians of the individuals and communities affected by shifting ward boundaries. Borders can be based on geographical features, history, tradition and practicality, or they can be arbitrary. Whether large or small, borders reflect and uphold structures and values of those in power—impositions across lands and between people.

asked Scarborough residents to draw a route to a place within Scarborough that was significant or important to them.

The residents in this video installation navigate landscapes and borders, moving within and through the political and colonial structures that have been drawn over what is still Indigenous land. How does the way we describe the land signify what is important to us, our communities and our history?

Andrew Finlay Stewart is a Toronto-based artist. He has shown nationally and internationally, including recently the Art Gallery of Ontario’s show Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood. He is part of the team that produces the Long Winter series of community-based interdisciplinary art and music festivals, and he helped run the year-long Artists' Newsstand project at Chester Station. He frequently works in site-specific video and installation.

With assistance from TD Bank Group

Video Installation


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Scarborough Civc Centre (Council Chambers)

150 Borough Drive

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.