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STYLL curated by Alyssa FearonPortals, 2018

Still from Portals, 2018

Alyssa Bistonath - Toronto, Canada
Scarborough Community Members - Scarborough, Canada

Portals takes an intimate look at everyday gestures of members of the Guyanese diaspora living in Scarborough: rolling a perfect roti or bowling a smooth ball in cricket. These are actions that offer reminders of home.

This film uses the genre of science fiction to create a series of portals that warp time and space. And by bending ideas of time and space, the film transports viewers to a place of solace: in the past of a country left behind, in the present experience of home in a never-quite-familiar country, and in the future expectations of safety and prosperity. 

Scarborough is home to the largest populations of the Guyanese diaspora in Canada. This film acknowledges the persistent tension of living in a place that is often hostile to newcomers, while also being the place that many immigrants call home.

Alyssa Bistonath is a lens-based practitioner whose work focuses on themes of memory and belonging. The daughter of Guyanese immigrants, Bistonath endeavours to look at modes of representation by investigating nostalgia, exploring evidence and interrupting the archive. Her most recent work, an experimental documentary titled Why We Fight, invited the Guyanese diaspora to write letters to a personified Guyana. The film won Best Canadian Short at the Regent Park Film Festival (2016).

With assistance from TD Bank Group 

Video Installation


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Scarborough Civic Centre

150 Borough Drive

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.