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And the Transformation Reveals curated by Camille Hong XinEunoia II, 2014

Eunoia, 2015

Lisa Park - New York , USA

This installation uses commercial brainwave headsets to create an audio-visualization of the performers. It is composed of 48 speakers, each of them under aluminum dishes containing pools of water. The number 48 symbolizes philosopher Baruch Spinoza's definitions of 48 different emotions that are derived from three primary emotions: joy, pain and desire.

During the night, audiences are invited to participate and once in concentration mode, their emotional "data," picked up by the headset, gets translated into sound waves that create vibrations in the pools of water placed atop speakers. The Emotiv headset continually transmits data while monitoring brain activity (alpha, beta, delta, gamma-and theta), emotional states (excitement, engagement, meditation and frustration), facial expressions (wink, raised or furrowed eyebrows, clenched jaw and smirk) and cognitive activity.

It will be a real-time experience that physically manifests the participant's current states of minds as water ripples on the plates by creating a direct visualization of what they are experiencing and feeling at that given moment.

Guest/performing artist, Peggy Baker will interact with the piece every hour during the first half of the night.

Lisa Park is an interdisciplinary artist whose performance-based installations use biosensors to create an audio-visualization of herself. She is a recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in the category of Digital/Electronic Arts. A selected member of NEW INC, New Museum's museum-led incubator program, her works have been featured in Wired, The Creators Project, Hyperallergic, MIT Press, FRAME Magazine, The New York Times' Blog, Time Out New York, New York Post, Daily News,  and the PBS 'Off Book Series.'

Interactive Installation


OBLIVION Militant Nostalgia And the Transformation Reveals Facing the Sky Independent Projects Major Institutions Event Centre Invictus 360°

First Canadian Place

100 King Street West (Enter the lobby from Bay Street)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.