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TRUTH, 2017

KWEST, 2015

Brian Leitch aka "KWEST" - Toronto, Canada

I’ve often thought about my journey and I am conscious of my truth.

We artists have an urge to say something.

I had an urge to create, I loved the thrill of painting in the night and I wanted to feel alive. I’ve gone from creating graffiti works in alleys, monarchs on trains, commissions for clients, abstract sculptures for galleries and now art accessible to all.

The truth is, I’m conscious that I came from a place where I was different. I wasn’t like other kids in school, I learned differently. No one believed in me and I was made to feel like I was less than I am.

My art transformed me and gave me courage. It was the tool I used to deal with life. Turns out I was good.

What is your truth?

TRUTH argues the potential of something or someone that might otherwise be rejected or thrown away.  Using recycled clothing and textiles from H&M’s Garment Collecting Initiative, TRUTH, reimagines discarded garments transformed into a work of art.

We need to let go, change, close the loop and move forward but we can’t do that without looking at our truth.

"Acknowledging the truth about how we live and treat the planet is what I want the viewer to think about while experiencing this work" - KWEST

Contemporary graffiti artist, Brian Leitch aka "KWEST" is known for his streamlined style. This self-taught carpenter, designer, builder and pillar in the fusion of graffiti and sculpture has been active in developing a unique and complex style of lettering for over twenty years. 



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Yonge-Dundas Square

1 Dundas Street East

Suitable for all ages


This project is outdoors.