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And the Transformation Reveals curated by Camille Hong XinTransfiguration, 2007

Visitation, 2008
Photo: Kira Perov

Bill Viola - Los Angeles, USA

Transfiguration refers to the moment when a person is transformed not by external means, but from within.

In these video works, ghostly figures walk towards the audience from what looks like a grainy, spectral netherworld captured by a surveillance camera. They pass through a transparent veil of water that cascades over their bodies, emerging into light as the camera shifts seamlessly to digital, recording their gasping reactions of astonishment or euphoria in brilliant color. Before long, they return to the other realm through the threshold of water.

Bill Viola combines images recorded in grainy analog video with those shot in high-definition video to bring the viewer to the intersection of obscurity and clarity – from death to life and back again. This series of work not only creates a transfigurative experience for the figures in the video, but will also transform the viewers’ inner-being profoundly. The images are viewed in extreme slow motion to open up expressive territory and enrich the audience's perception.

Experience two video works from this series – Transfiguration (2007) and Visitation (2008).

As one of today's leading artists, Bill Viola has been instrumental in establishing video as a vital form of contemporary art and in expanding its scope since the 1970s. His works focus on universal human experiences – birth, death, the unfolding of consciousness – with roots in both Eastern and Western art as well as spiritual traditions. Appealing to a wide audience, Viola's video works have been seen in major museums and art institutions around the world and have won numerous prestigious awards.

Video Installation


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Campbell House Museum

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This project is indoors.