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The Space In Between All The Physical Objects

The Space In Between All The Physical Objects, 2015

Simin Keramati

Simin Keramati - Toronto, Canada

This work is about the causes of migration, when people must flee their homes due to war and hunger, and about the experience of being in a transitional, displaced state.

People are seen floating in the air in the middle of nowhere. Their movements are in slow motion. The film is shown in three frames. Viewers see a symmetry of floating people on the two bracketing frames. In the middle frame, a woman is seen lying on the floor on top of a pile of photos and newspapers featuring images of people fleeing war and hunger. The audio track features sounds of waves hitting the beach (with an implied connection to the drowned bodies in the newspaper images). Subtitles (English and Persian) narrate an ancient text by the Iranian philosopher Suhrevardi about a bird in search of Eden.

Simin Keramati is a multidisciplinary artist with a MFA from Art University of Tehran. She is the Winner of the Grand Prize, Dhaka Biennial 2003-4.

Video Installation


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Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street (Flex Studio 106)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.