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And the Transformation Reveals curated by Camille Hong XinLiterature vs. Traffic, 2010

Literature vs. Traffic, 2015

Luzinterruptus - Madrid, Spain

Created with the help of volunteers, this interactive light installation will transform a street that is normally allocated for vehicles into a river of books overflowing in a symbolic gesture. The donated books will become the conqueror of public space with traffic yielding to the modest power of the written words.

During the last few hours of the night, these books of diverse topics can be claimed by anyone who wants to take them, signifying that the installation will recycle itself. In the end, the cars will return to occupy the street again, but for many, the books they bring home and the memory of the transformation will change their relationship with the street.

In an age when printed books are rapidly disappearing and being replaced by electronic devices, this installation honours their enlightening power and celebrates the texture of the paper books. It offers sentimental nostalgia in our increasing digitized world. In the end, the river of lit books will provide a lasting memory for the audience.

Luzinterruptus is an anonymous artistic group that carries out urban interventions featuring light installations in public spaces all over the world. Whether drawing public awareness to social and political issues or embellishing anonymous corners and existing objects, their works always transform the space. They often use donated or waste material and work with volunteers. Since 2008, they have initiated various guerrilla projects and have been commissioned by many art events and museums to create site-specific works.

Interactive Installation


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Hagerman St & Elizabeth St

Suitable for all ages

With assistance from The Salvation Army Thrift Store

This project is outdoors.