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And the Transformation Reveals curated by Camille Hong XinFallen Water – Niagara Escarpment, 2016

Artist Rendering, 2016

Kevin Cooley - Los Angeles , USA

Kevin Cooley's practice is primarily focused on our evolving relationship with nature. For this project, he strikes a deep chord with current social consciousness by bringing attention to the worsening global fresh water crisis through an exploration of local
waterfalls and waterways. Questioning why humans are drawn to waterfalls and flowing water as a source for renewal, the artist filmed an amalgamation of moving images from numerous waterfalls along a geologic formation – the Niagara Escarpment – from the U.S. border to Tobermory.

Across dozens of televisions arranged into the shape of a towering waterfall, each screen will display a unique video from one of the aforementioned locations. Referencing the disparate origins of the water that flows into Lake Ontario, these varied waters appear unified in an inverted color space as a constant flow of pink, orange and yellow hues moving downriver from screen to screen. This transformation channels an alternate vision of the province's fresh water, spiritually imbued by the backlit glow of the monitors. Yet the water appears tainted and no longer pure. Waterfalls evoke subconscious associations with pristine water, but what happens when the fountain can no longer renew itself?

Through photography, video, and installation, Cooley's work is a meditation on our evolving relationship with nature, addressing how these elemental forces contend with each other and how we exist among them. Personal experience, historical context and direct intervention provide the underlying conceptual framework of his practice. Cooley's work has been featured in many solo exhibitions and prominent public collections including 21c Museum, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Nelson-Atkins Museum and the Guggenheim Museum.

Video Installation


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