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Colouring Outside the Box

Colouring Outside the Box, 2017

Bata Shoe Museum

Are you up for a little night colouring? The Bata Shoe Museum's atrium will exhibit striking ‘shoeboxes’ covered with black-and-white shoe outlines. Over the evening visitors will colour them in and transform the boxes into vibrant multi-coloured sculptures. Whether you visit early or in the wee hours, you’ll contribute to creating the final masterpieces.

To celebrate 150 years of Canadian history, the Bata Shoe Museum’s window is blooming with a bouquet of provincial and territorial floral emblems of Canada. Created by students from the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University, this window installation celebrates the Canadian landscape in a symphony of colourful blossoms. 2,000 three-dimensionally printed shoes capture the transient beauty of patterns found in nature, inspired by the floral embroidery found on silk shoes in the museum’s collection. The floral emblems, arranged from west to east coast, bloom together on this unique occasion. As symbols of celebration and confederation, these flowers echo the places we’ve been, the stories we tell, and the connections we share with one another. Presented in partnership with Ryerson University.

The Bata Shoe Museum (BSM) strives to share compelling human stories by using footwear as the point of entry into the cultures of the world.  With an international collection of over 13,000 shoes and related artefacts, the BSM celebrates 4,500 years of footwear history in four distinctive rotating galleries. Through the creation of its innovative exhibitions, the BSM aims to enlighten and entertain visitors of all ages.  For every shoe there’s a story. Discover thousands at the Bata Shoe Museum.

Interactive Installation


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Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West, (416)979.7799

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.