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Monument to the Century of Revolutions curated by Nato ThompsonHow we RISE from our struggles, 2017

How we RISE from our struggles, 2017

RISE Edutainment - Toronto, Canada

RISE curated a spoken word performance and designed this container as a space to express the interaction/experience between the heart and mind relating to mental health and oppression.

This shipping container is meant to explore the struggles created by oppression that cause a disconnect in the harmony of the mind and heart. The exterior to the shipping container is meant to look hardened, boxed, shell-like, to represent the impact the conditioning of society has on the two vital organs.

The interior is meant to depict the soft, tenderness and empathetic side of our human nature. Vulnerability is the platform for human existence.

Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere (RISE) is a youth-led grassroots movement that provides opportunities and spaces for youth to develop artistically, personally, socially, and spiritually. Creating safe and inclusive spaces that foster self-expression and healing through the performance arts and storytelling. We've been using the power of self-expression to empower youth and communities to make positive, lasting contributions to society.

Interactive Installation


Century of Revolutions Taking to the Streets Life on Neebahgeezis Calculating the Unforeseen Independent Projects Major Institutions Event Centre

Nathan Phillips Square

100 Queen Street West

Suitable for all ages

This project is both indoors and outdoors.