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Taking to the Streets curated by Barbara FischerHolding Still // Holding Together, 2016/2017

Holding Still // Holding Together, 2016/2017
Photo: (video still)

Annie MacDonell - Toronto, Canada
Performed by Danah Rosales, Ofilio Sinbadinho, Ben Kamino, Simon Portigal, Emma-Kate Guimond, and Emily Law
With support from Jenn Goodwin

What happens when you put your body on the line for politics? How does passive political resistance work, and what does it feel like to make yourself vulnerable in the arms of the state? Drawing from a range of documentary photographs of street protests, Holding Still // Holding Together examines exchanges between police officers and passive resisters as they are moved, dragged, or carried off by force from the chaos of street protests.

This new iteration of the project will include a series of videos which carefully reproduce the interactions of these bodies in conflict. It will also include a live performance in which dancers work together to reenact the moments of resistance, transferring them from still image into live action. In the real world, violence is often the source and product of the street protest. But here we are permitted to zoom in on the simple interactions between the bodies. This close-up study undercuts the differential power relations between police and protesters. The gestures of enforcer and dissident become ambiguously intertwined, suggesting a mutual engagement that might have the potential to re-write power relations. 

Annie MacDonell is a visual artist working across mediums. She is interested in the nature of the photographic image and the way it frames and captures the world; but her practice extends beyond photography, most recently to include films, installations, sculpture, performance and writing.

In 2012, 2015 and 2016, she was long-listed for the Sobey Art Award. In 2012 she was short-listed for the AGO AMIA prize for photography.



Century of Revolutions Taking to the Streets Life on Neebahgeezis Calculating the Unforeseen Independent Projects Major Institutions Event Centre

Medical Sciences Building Courtyard

1 Kings College Circle (Accessible from Queen's Park Crescent road closure.)

Suitable for all ages


The project features a live performance from 7pm to 1am

This project is outdoors.