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Facing the Sky curated by Louise DéryEspace du silence, special edition for the Nuit Blanche de Toronto, 2016

Pascal Grandmaison and Marie-Claire Blais, courtesy Galerie René Blouin, Montreal, 2016

Pascal Grandmaison - Montréal, Canada
Marie-Claire Blais - Montréal, Canada

This large-scale hypnotic film is the second component in a series titled La vie abstraite, about important artists in the history of abstract art. It is inspired by an essay of the artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), written in the form of a dialogue between an art lover and an abstract painter, to explain the motif of the grid as central in the development of the new artistic language.

Espace du silence will be projected on an oversized screen on the façade of The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. The video draws a line between two realities: on one side, the twinkling lights of the city nightscape which reflect the myth of infinite urban growth as an unreal composition; on the other side, the troubled and somewhat fascinating silence of Lake Ontario, this nocturnal void facing the sky.

Time is suspended. The elements form and dissolve with a timely reciprocity, disappearing and reappearing, one mirroring the other. The intensity of the imagery with its poetic resonance, the use of reverse and slow motion as a metaphor for memory, and the haunting ambient soundtrack, are maximised by the scale of this film, which oscillates between nature and abstraction, between still-life and landscape.

Pascal Grandmaison (1975, Montreal) and Marie-Claire Blais (1974, Lévis, Quebec) live and work in Montreal. Grandmaison is recognized nationally and internationally. He had a major solo exhibition at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (2006) and the National Gallery of Canada (2007) and a retrospective at the Casino Luxemburg (2011). Blais graduated in architecture and focuses on her visual arts production, including drawing, sculpture and painting. They have recently initiated collaboration in video art works they co-sign.

two synchronized projection videos, 30 minutes


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The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (exterior)

231 Queens Quay West

Suitable for all ages

In association with Harbourfront Centre and The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

This project is outdoors.