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Special ProjectsThe Rainbow Serpent, 2016

Zzilla, The Rainbow Serpent, 2016, Rendering

Zzilla - Byron Bay, Australia

Is water the next oil. Canada has more water than any other country, by far. How will she be loved? How well do we treat her? She feeds us, cleans us and shapes our communities. Doesn’t she deserve a little more respect and attention?

Our ancestors revered water through many myths, fables and stories, the Rainbow Serpent is the Australian traditional water spirit of what was once known as “Gondwanaland”, come and see the water spirits that once lay under Toronto’s streets.

Zzilla, a surfer from Australia, is a landscape architect that has practiced internationally for 20 years. His portfolio features media arts and theatre set design. Zzilla's work is informed by saving the planet from environmental armageddon. He now lives in rural Ontario with family, pets and plants as companions.

Kinetic Sculpture


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361 University Avenue (Between Osgoode Hall and the University Avenue Courthouse)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.