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Special ProjectsSlow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk), 1968

Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk), 1968
Photo: Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts Intermix, (EAI) New York.

Bruce Nauman - Galisteo, USA

Working in the diverse mediums of sculpture, video, film, printmaking, performance and installation, Bruce Nauman concentrates on the way in which a process or activity can transform or become a work of art. In Slow Angle Walk, the fixed camera has recorded Nauman repeating a laborious sequence of body movements for nearly an hour. This project was inspired by passages in works from Samuel Beckett, where his characters walk with stiffened legs or an unbalanced and awkward gait. Nauman taped the movements with the camera on its side so that he appears to be walking up a wall, defying gravity.

For this exhibition, the video installation will be presented alongside David Hammons' Phat Free. The repetitive action seen in Hammons' project evokes the early performance videos of Nauman, where movement conveys a message of social isolation and identity.  

In both projects the artists appear as the protagonist, using their own body as an expressive instrument in motion and gesture to comment on the human condition.

Bruce Nauman graduated with a BFA, UW-Madison & an MFA, UC Davis. His video works often investigate the body as an instrument of consciousness. He had the realization that if he was an artist & in the studio, then whatever he was doing in the studio must be art. Working in diverse mediums, he focuses on activities that transform into art.

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This project is indoors.