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Major InstitutionsMULTIPLEX

MULTIPLEX, design by Maggie Chan, 2016

OCAD University

The Modest Eyes

“If we are submerged in sounds and images can we somehow use them to stay afloat?”
- Kevin B. Lee 

A pre-and post-digital essay film and video marathon. See classic, emergent and speculative video works by local and international artists and designers.

This multi-interface, multi-perspective, multi-embodied event brings together essayistic works past and present that reveal their own tools, frames and techniques and address the presence of an audience.

Explore essay films that play with and interrogate how screens upon screens pervade our everyday and streams of images and sound run all day. The visual tools filmmakers took on to critique in the past have now become a part of our relationships with new media and techno-capitalism.

Artists and designers in this event take on these aesthetics, work self-reflexively and unsettle convention. 

Visitors will encounter many screens and projections in different rooms with devices, interfaces and interpretive strategies. All are welcome to hang out throughout the marathon, attend screenings, or engage with their own narratives among the streams of image, sound and text.

Viewings modes include theatres, slumber parties, stations and mobile, designed for different degrees of intimacy, distance and proximity that the works address.

The Modest Eyes is a curatorial collective of artists, designers, filmmakers and curators with a common interest in media art, critical design and essay film. Our work aims to unsettle ideas of viewing by investigating the design of spaces, re-imagining audiences, entangling bodies with screens,
 and unlearning ableist biases. We are inspired by Marker’s call for the modest ‘I’ that values subjectivity in essay films and by Haraway’s notion of the modest witness that values embodied and partial accounts of truth.

Video Installation


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OCAD University

100 McCaul Street

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.