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Facing the Sky curated by Louise DéryAscension, 2016

Smelling the Sky, 2016

Julie C. Fortier - Rennes, France

Julie C. Fortier proposes an olfactory landscape of the Toronto sky, offering the visitor an experience of evocative scents. A graduate in both the visuals arts and the perfumery, she combines these specialisations to reveal the power of smell as a way to activate memory. The work speaks of absence and stimulates the imagination to awaken memories, sensations and images.

Fabricated from molecules associated with a palette of colours passing from black, to grey, to pink and finally to white, the fragrances created by the artist will be diffused along a waterfront urban passage. During their progressive ascension towards the end of the tunnel, which is framed by the theatrically illuminated concrete arcades, the visitors will discover the various scents, from the heavy and dense, to the light and atmospheric. They will experience the suggestive power of the scents, including the deep smell of burning, tar, leather, incense, associated with black; the grey odours of ozone, smog and fog; the fresh herbal fragrances, dewdrops and power, for pink; and finally the fluffy, vaporous and luminous smells related to the colour white. In this nocturnal journey, the visitor will transport the scents into the city, bringing them elsewhere like the messenger of a subtle form of public art.

Julie C. Fortier (1973, Sherbrooke, Québec) graduated from the École de parfumerie Le Cinquième Sens à Paris and from the École des arts visuels et médiatiques de l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Her works have been exhibited at Florence Loewy by artists, Paris, La Criée, Centre d’art contemporain de Rennes, VF galerie à Marseille, Centre Clark à Montréal et Tri Postal à Lille. Since 2001, she has lived and worked in Rennes, France.

Olfactory installation


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33 Harbour Square

Suitable for all ages

Thank you to Harbour Square Condominiums (YCC No. 288), 33 Harbour Square

This project is both indoors and outdoors.