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OBLIVION curated by Janine Marchessault and Michael ProkopowPneuma , 2016

Human Heart, 2016

Floria Sigismondi - Los Angeles, USA

Pneuma "breath of life"  is meditative consideration of the transformations that define human existence. Using the rhythmic medium of film, Pneuma represents a personal translation of inner thought. "It bloomed," says Sigismondi, "from a walking dream that unlocked something boundless and idyllic from my unconscious."

Pneuma is a journey of spirit through birth, it is rumination on time and sacred knowledge mediated by the body. It touches on the universal fear of the future unknown and the post-life plane into which we will, inevitably, venture.

“Reach For The Dead,” by Boards of Canada
Courtesy of Warp Records

Produced by Believe
Liz Silver, Luke Thornton, Jannie McInnes, Executive Producers
Christine Miller, Producer

Jarin Blaschke, DP
Freddy Childress, 1st AD
Todd Heater, Gaffer
Bill Buckingham, Key Grip
Barbara Lago, Art Director
Michelle Laine, Stylist
Pamela Neal, Hair
Jeffery Baum, Make-up

Michelle Czukar, Editor

Seif Boutella and Rob Walker, VFX Supervisors
Camila De Biaggi, EP
Elissa Norman, Producer
James Tillet, Color
Rob Walker, Lead Compositor
John Shafto, Tiago Dias, Graeme Revell, Jacob Fradkin, Chris Ribar, Monica Manalo, & Alain Cisneros, VFX
Catherine Fischer, Assoc. Producer

Floria Sigismondi's work spans film, photography, sculpture, and music video, and has been exhibited around the world. The daughter of Italian opera singers and graduate of OCAD University, Floria recasts psychic struggle from a perspective of hope and beauty, where the physical and subconscious intersect. The German press Die Gestalten Verlag published two monographs of her photography, while her audacious, painterly music video imagery has made her one of the most acclaimed directors in the field’s history.

Video Installation


OBLIVION Militant Nostalgia And the Transformation Reveals Facing the Sky Independent Projects Major Institutions Event Centre Invictus 360°

Nathan Phillips Square

100 Queen Street West

Suitable for all ages

With assistance from Crystal Fountains

IN MEMORIAM: Bill Buckingham 1966-2016

SPECIAL THANKS: Tosca Vera Sigismondi Rothman, Lawrence Rothman, Steve Beckett, Will Theakston, Ayesha Orange, Stephanie Scull, Hilkiah Browne, Valerj Pobega, James Fredrick, Anthony Peluso, Max Joslyn, Chris Wieland, Vitaly Koshman, Panic and Bob Editing, Alec McKay, Revolver Films, Alexander Antov, Richard Theisen, Shannon Russell, Paul Maletich, Rob Kenworthy, Nils Bernstein, Rabbit Largos, Jay Pinkney, Trey Bellows, Bloc Agency, Panavision Hollywood, Quixote Studios, Galpin Studio Rentals, JL Fisher, Hillbilly Grip, Skye Rentals

Revisit this project October 2-10 from 7 pm to 12 am.

This project is outdoors.