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Independent ProjectsGrowing On You

Growing on You (Detail), 2016
Photo: Andreas Buchwaldt

Whippersnapper Gallery

Andreas Buchwaldt - Saskatoon, Canada

Born out of urban unease, a parasitic swarm of kinetic sound sculptures infest the gallery. Made from accordion parts, plastic tubing, motors and wooden armatures, the objects cling to the walls in an interconnected web that surrounds the viewer in a cacophony of automated musical sighs.

Reflecting on the soundscapes of urban centres, where the drone of construction and development is constant, the installation is both aurally sensual and visually unnerving. It is in this space between spectacle and apprehension that viewers are invited to re-evaluate their relationship within continuous urban-development.

Andreas Buchwaldt is an artist/inventor working with kinetic sculpture and video art, born in Denmark and based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Kinetic Sculpture


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Whippersnapper Gallery

594b Dundas Street West (near the North-East Corner of Dundas Street West and Augusta Avenue.)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.