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Independent ProjectsResidential School Memorial

Rendering of Residential School Memorial, 2016

St. Joseph's College School, TCDSB

St. Joseph's College School - Toronto, Canada

Illuminated talking sticks represent the 139 residential schools in Canada, each one placed in a clear mailing tube attached to our school fence.

In Native culture, the “talking stick” is a symbol, or artifact, which allows the speaker to focus have the right to speak. It has strong cultural and spiritual significance between First Nations peoples and is understood to command authority. It is a symbol of dialogue and of telling a story. Those who possess it shall be listened to.

After Nuit Blanche Toronto, the talking sticks will be distributed to different schools so as to continue the dialogue and to open up conversations about a dark period of Canadian History.

Students and staff through Native studies education curriculum working together to create an installation project reflecting social justice issues.



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St. Joseph's College School

74 Wellesley Street West, (647) 964-2453

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.