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Independent ProjectsPhoton Gallery 2.0

Intergalactic Garden Supply, 2015

Site 3 coLaboratory

Site 3 coLaboratory - Toronto, Canada

Photon Gallery 2.0 is a collection of lighting installations created by members of the Site 3 community.

Take a stroll through a garden of LED plants and creatures by the Intergalactic Garden Supply, play a game of Tetris in between light shows on our external-facing glass brick wall, or relax under a ceiling of multi-colored light-sensitive stars in our workshop!

Weather-permitting we'll also have a ruben's table, a metal table that produces small flames that react to sound and a motion-sensing collection of illuminated columns that react to you as you walk by.

Site 3 coLaboratory is a member-run maker space dedicated to making, teaching and learning about the intersection between art and technology.



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Site 3 coLaboratory

718R Ossington Avenue

Suitable for all ages

This project is both indoors and outdoors.