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Walk for Invisible Illness, 2014
Photo: Veronica Conklin

Rosary Solimanto

Rosary Solimanto - West New York, USA

Participatory endurance performance in which 20lb forged steel boots will be worn for 12 hours, by a performer with multiple sclerosis. The piece explores prejudicial misconceptions surrounding invisible illnesses through a visual language that can be seen and felt.

The audience is encouraged to communicate with the performer (and others) and share their illness/es or a loved one’s. There will be two other steel boots, in a man’s and woman's size, in which the audience is encouraged to try on and walk-in.

In addition, the audience may join in the walk and unite in creating an awareness for invisible illnesses.

An interdisciplinary activist artist exploring the objectification she faces battling multiple sclerosis;encouraging discourse on disability identity.

Performance Art


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The Royal Conservatory of Music

273 Bloor Street West (The performance walk will be active and constantly moving on the Bloor Street Culture Corridor, between Avenue Road and Bathurst Street, with a hub out front of The Royal Conservatory of Music), (845) 443-1807

Suitable for all ages


This project is outdoors.