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Independent ProjectsThe Legacy of Honest Ed’s

Matthew Monteith​, The Theatre, 2016

Markham House

Matthew Monteith - Boston, USA
The Plywood Collective - Toronto, Canada

Markham House: City Building Lab is pleased to present two independent mural projects during the evening of Nuit Blanche Toronto 2016: The Theatre by Matthew Monteith in Honest Ed's Alley and Plywood Collective, Untitled, at Markham House.

Matthew Monteith’s large-scale photo, which stretches the length of Honest Ed’s Alley, inverts the shop windows to render the street as an urban stage. His image illustrates the vibrant, dense and theatrical nature of the neighbourhood that Honest Ed’s has helped to shape. The Theatre continues Monteith’s ongoing investigation into the performance of everyday life and the way in which we inhabit the city.

Meanwhile, Plywood Collective sets to reimagine the idols and scenery of Mirvish Village with a large-scale mural painted over the course of the evening in the backyard of Markham House.




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Markham House

610 Markham Street (City Building Lab)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.