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Pool Corridor - 1:50 Scaled Model, 2016
Photo: Novka Ćosović

Novka Ćosović

Novka Ćosović - Toronto, Canada

Live coverage of violence – in Ex-Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Nicaragua, East Timor, Afghanistan – are mediated through television.

People watch hospitals overloaded with wounded civilians; prisoners of war locked up in school bathrooms; a soldier shooting a gun from a bedroom window; and a swimming pool used as a morgue.

All the clips have a common denominator: the backgrounds. They consist of swimming pool tiles, floral wallpaper, and two-toned painted walls. They are domesticated-institutional-communal spaces that are perverted by war and violence. These are spaces that people also use in their everyday lives in Canada.

The room is in the theme of a swimming pool. The tiles depicts the acts of violence captured in the media.

This is about bringing to mind how trauma has become a background subject in our daily lives.

Novka Ćosović is an Architect and Designer. She splits her time working for Community, and writing for Site Magazine.

Art and Film Installation


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180 Shaw Street (Studio 108)

Parental guidance advised

This project is indoors.