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Independent ProjectsCymatic Theremin

Example of cymatic pattern, 2016

Varipix Art Collective

Micha Dahan - Toronto, Canada

The theremin is the first electronic musical instrument. Its non-contact interface is a reminder of the fact that we are swimming in fields of energy and that our every action has the potential to affect change.

Cymatics is the study of visualizing sound. The power of sound to move and organize the physical world is founded in many ancient teachings. Modern science is rediscovering the power of this ancient knowledge.

The installation consists of a theremin and a speaker with a plate containing water. Participants take turns moving their hands around the antenna of the theremin, creating sounds that cause the plate to vibrate and cymatic patterns to emerge.

Large, on the wall, a video projection of the vibrating water arranges itself dynamically into beautiful harmonic patterns of sacred geometry.

Micha Dahan is a cinematographer and multi-faceted visual artist with an obsession for visualizing the unseen patterns that surround us.

Interactive Installation


OBLIVION Militant Nostalgia And the Transformation Reveals Facing the Sky Independent Projects Major Institutions Event Centre Invictus 360°

401 Richmond

401 Richmond Street West

Suitable for all ages


Theremin Pop performances by Clara Venice at: 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 & 12:00

This project is indoors.