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Independent ProjectsKorsi

Korsi - logotype, 2016
Photo: Maziar Ghaderi

Maziar Ghaderi

Maziar Ghaderi - Tehran, Iran

Korsi is reimagined traditional Iranian low table in an urban space. Used historically as a gathering place to stay warm during special occasions, Ghaderi’s large Korsi is equipped with heaters and a custom-made blanket that guests can drape over their laps to stay warm as they take in various forms of expression relating to themes of nostalgia, memory and home.

Musicians, poets, palm readers, storytellers, bellydancers and vocalists have been curated to accompany the installation in the spirit of togetherness and community. The table will be dressed with a giant plaster pomegranate in its centre reminiscent of the artist’s family living room.

Maziar Ghaderi is a multimedia artist whose work lies at the intersection of technology, the experiential and intangible cultural practices.



OBLIVION Militant Nostalgia And the Transformation Reveals Facing the Sky Independent Projects Major Institutions Event Centre Invictus 360°

The Gardiner Museum

111 Queens Park (Front plaza), (647) 832-6291

Suitable for all ages


7:00p Artist talk 7:15p Michael Etherington 7:30p Jordan B. Peterson 7:45p Ebi(sh) Mosayyebzadeh 8:25p Banoo Zan 8:45p J.G. Lewis 9:05p John Matthew Tennant 9:55p Julian Peterson 10:30p Christine Saadé 10:55p Gjon Marku 11:40p Louiz 12:05a Se’lah Genesis 12:30a Dragonfly Belly Dance w/ Farshid Haghighi 1:00a New Lineage 1:45a Lady Parul 2:10a Saul Feinstein 2:25a Cassia Crawl 2:50a Andreas 3:35a Daniel Salij 4:00a M440 -- ENCORES Updates:

This project is outdoors.