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Independent ProjectsLaneway Canopy: Public Living Space

Laneway Canopy: Public Living Space (rendering), 2016
Photo: Anusha Ramesh

Mark Francis

Mark Francis - Georgetown, Canada
Natalia Bakeava - Vladivostok, Russia
Josimar Dominguez - Niagara, Canada
Anusha Ramesh - Dubai, UAE

Laneway Canopy seeks to show how simple and rapidly deployable architectural interventions in the leftover spaces of the built environment can radically enliven our everyday experience of the city.

Laneway Canopy strives to be a seemingly random and impulsive action on the part of an unknown fellow citizen. The participant is then drawn into the novelty of the space, engages in their own way, and then carries on. It is understood to be indeterminately ephemeral, yet not architecturally insignificant. The critique here is that over-regulation of the built environment leads us to place installations of this nature in more guarded places: galleries, events, parks, squares, etc.

As a counter point, the project's position is that the average creative citizen should have more autonomy, and be encouraged to engage more readily with the city in this way. 

Mark Francis is an intern architect, installation artist based in Toronto, Ontario. He has a BFA from York University and an M.Arch from UBC.



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25 Kensington Avenue (Between Flashback and Fashion Old and New. At Dundas Street and Kensington Avenue, north on Kensington Avenue half a block, and laneway will be on the east side of the street.), (647) 328-7089

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.