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Independent ProjectsBike Date / Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop

Photograph of artist and audience talking, 2014
Photo: Mark Snyder

Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies, University of Buffalo Department of Media Study

Laura Curry - Seattle, USA

Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop is a bike trailer with a built-in seat at each end. The seats house bike tools, a wireless microphone system, and writing tools for participants.

The bike and trailer take up the same amount of space as a parked car. The trailer’s design facilitates conversations between the public and the artist. The artist offers bike maintenance, and engages in conversations, which are audio broadcast real time via the speakers attached to the trailer, creating a public broadcast and listening station.

Grounded in the traditions of dance and choreography, Curry's practice centers on issues that affect communities where she lives and works. Curry uses conversations with members of the public to talk about urban planning, public space, and transportation. Curry is conducting Bike Date and conversations at RSBRS in North and South American cities.

Twitter - Bikedate@bikedatelove

Take a seat! Broadcast conversations between the artist and audience about public transportation: Is it affordable, is it accessible, and for who? The roadway as a public space: is it, for what public? The artist and audience can do bike repair while they talk.


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The Royal Conservatory of Music

273 Bloor Street West (Roaming along the Bloor Street Culture Corridor between Avenue Road and Bathurst Street, making a stop in front of The Royal Conservatory of Music throughout the night)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.