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Independent Projects#TeeterTotter

#TeeterTotter, 2013

Julian Michael Majewski

Julian Majewski - Toronto, Canada

Toronto artist Julian Majewski’s main interest in this project is how the #teetertotter encourages interaction while spreading a subtle yet powerful message towards celebrating DIY culture and aesthetic realization through recycling, repurposing, and scavenging.

Built with the ability to “crowd surf” throughout Toronto communities, this highly unique teeter-totter was custom built. The feature component to the teeter-totter is its cedar tree trunk, which was repurposed after falling in result of being uprooted during a winter storm in 2012.

Get ready for the #teetertotter and its highly unique appearance to evoke feelings of childhood joy and delight while interacting with it!

Julian Majewski explores sustainability through industrial reuse and recycling. His art combines acts of use-value, preservation, and composition. 

Interactive Installation


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Artscape Youngplace

180 Shaw Street (accessible by Argyle Street or Queen Street West.)

Parental guidance advised

This project is outdoors.