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Independent Projects100 Libraries. 99 Books

100 Libraries. 99 Books, 2016

Department of Household Sciences and Advanced Proverbs

John Shipman - Toronto, Canada

Visit 100 libraries and explore 99 books secured by chains. Bring your own book to catalog and then borrow it back. Make a mini-book. Post your nomination of a library and book special to you.

Each of the 100 libraries is a public or private library or book store in Canada, North America or elsewhere. Ten of the libraries will offer children's books on a carpeted platform. Each library will consist of a desk structure, a reading light, a chained book, and an illuminated sign.

This heritage church is a propitious location given the use of modified church plans in the design of the medieval chain libraries. Add your book to the catalog of the Department of Household Science and Advanced Proverbs Library with a bar code, book card, pocket, date due slip, library stamp, and then borrow it back forever. Make an 8 page book and practice calligraphy.

John Shipman, an OCAD University medalist in integrated media, welcomes participants of all ages to his 11th hands-on Nuit Blanche Toronto project.

Interactive Installation


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St. Matthew's United Church

729 St. Clair Avenue West

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.