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Independent ProjectsThe Firefly Effect

heartmind synchronicity and walking path (rendering), 2016

Idia Lab + Landscape Architecture - Ball State University

Jody Naderi and John Fillwalk

This installation is a personally actuated multi-media art event, accessed through a mobile app that sends out a pulsing light, sound & vibration at the pace of a contemplative walk. Participants will see a walking place turn into a dynamic field of fireflies/lucioles as they transform towards their maximum potential.

App instructions will be available and Fireflies can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free.  Staff will provide instructions and assistance as people test the Fireflies App in the flickering luminaire.

The pulse in the Firefly App is set to start at the beat of the resting heart rate and the pace of the contemplative walk.

The effect begins as one lone light pulse that gradually grows into two and then many through social engagement, a powerful act raising a sense of connectivity and community across Nuit Blanche Toronto.

John Fillwalk, digital media artist, and Jody Naderi, landscape architect, are collaborating to explore light pulses, walking pace and heart rates.

Interactive Installation


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The Royal Conservatory of Music

273 Bloor Street West (on the Bloor Street Culture Corridor)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.