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Independent ProjectsURBAN SYNCOPATION

Urban Syncopation (rendering), 2016

Scaleshift, X-Topia/OSW, Beites & Co. supported by DATAlab | University of Waterloo, School of Architecture

Mona El Khafif - Toronto , Canada
Ila Berman - Toronto , Canada
Marcella Del Signore - New Orleans, USA
Steven Beites - Toronto, Canada

This installation temporarily inhabits the existing spaces of the city with a performative skin that functions as a responsive, dynamic interface. As in the encryption of data that underlies the invisible orgware of the city’s systems, the patterned and faceted surface of this installation acts as an infrastructural device and living thickened topography that collects, transcodes, and re-transmits—in a rhythmic syncopated fashion—the collective ‘heartbeat’ of the city.

The patterned surface is defined through a series of faceted, mirrored, and perforated “pixels” that are rhythmically arrayed according to rules that modulate their width, depth and triangulated surface topography. Sound sensors located along commercial east-west urban corridors track urban activity levels and transcode this data into a rhythmic series of pulsing lights.

Ila Berman, Mona El Khafif, Marcella Del Signore, & Steven Beites investigate the relationship between culture, form, material & digital practices.

Interactive Installation


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Gardiner Museum

111 Queens Park (Terrace Room - third floor)

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.