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Independent ProjectsWall With Kaleidoscope Eyes

Rendering, 2016

Coldstream Fine Art

Harrison Taylor - Toronto, Canada

The installation is a one foot-thick wall which divides half the gallery, made with three symmetrically intersecting sets of acrylic mirror, thereby creating a see-through tessellated triangular pattern.

Essentially, each of these equilateral triangles is its own kaleidoscope. Most kaleidoscopic portals are see-through, as what’s beyond it is what becomes the base visual for the three-folded pattern. Some however, are capped with mirror, as the reflection becomes source material for the kaleidoscope. Both walls beyond and behind the installation will contain wildly abstract micro-images of fragmented bits of colorful wax.

Some kaleidoscope portals are capped twice, the back with a mirror to reflect and the front with a one-way mirror to reflect back inwards, thereby trapping the reflection and creating an infinitely extending double-mirror pattern.

Harrison Taylor is a Toronto-based artist who practices in multi- and cross-disciplinary visual arts. He draws on nature as his main inspiration.



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Coldstream Fine Art

80 Spadina Avenue(King Street & Spadina Avenue), (416) 909-9825

Suitable for all ages

This project is indoors.