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Independent ProjectsCushion: An Interactive Media Womb

Rendering: View from St. George Street, 2016


F_RMlab - Cambridge, Canada

The contemporary city is a space of sensory overload. On this night in particular, crowds emerge to roam amongst a cacophony of stimulation: from imagery and noise, to movement and smell. This project seeks to provide a cushioned ‘media-womb’ where visitors can reflect in isolation and comfort.

Enter a refuge from the buzz - an alleyway turned into a place of contemplation by otherworldly beings of plastic and air. These huddled volumes react to your presence in a dialogue of the senses. They can respond to changes in light from your shadow, pressure from your touch, or the sound of your voice as you move between them.

Find a moment of pause from the overwhelming speed of information outside. Allow your thoughts to wander amidst these shifting expressions of light and air.

F_RMlab is a design collective from the University of Waterloo exploring digital fabrication and interactive technology through installations.

Interactive Installation


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Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West (Near the main entrance of the Bata Shoe Museum, located in the back alley off St. George Street.)

Suitable for all ages

This project is outdoors.