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Independent ProjectsWe Are The City

We Are The City, 2016

Diaspora Dialogues

Alex Sheriff - New York City, USA

This installation is a visual reminder that humans are just as integral to the make-up of the city as its natural and inanimate elements.

NY-based Canadian artist Alex Sheriff will create an ecologically-themed video installation that will act as an animated corridor that audience members can walk through, becoming one with the installation, and depicting the necessity of treating all matter with the same respect and care we reserve for humans.

The corridor will open up to an area where poets animate the ecological theme with readings every hour, on the hour.

Alex Sheriff graduated from OCAD before pursing a MFA at Parsons. Sheriff has exhibited in Toronto and NYC. His films have appeared at film festivals.

Interactive Installation


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401 Richmond

401 Richmond Street West

Suitable for all ages


As visitors come through the venue, Alex will sketch portraits of them in his signature style, transforming them into another piece of the city, which will then cover the walls of the venue, creating a mural of Toronto residents in all of their forms. Additionally, poets will animate the installation with 15 minute readings starting every hour on the hour from 7pm to 2am.

This project is indoors.