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Life on Neebahgeezis; A Luminous Engagement

Located on Bay Street between Albert Street and King Street, over to Queen Street & University Avenue

Curated by Maria Hupfield, this exhibition features five projects.

Maria Hugfield

Curatorial Statement

The moon provides the gift of a cosmic perspective by connecting all of our relations both human and non, through the seasons, land and water, beyond the body without discrimination. In an act of solidarity building, five artists from across Canada indigenize the Toronto downtown financial district to make space for new possibilities and future imaginings. Informed by lived experience, diverse cultural knowledge and creative vision, the projects signal resilience while this sphere in the sky watches over us, luminous, glowing, timeless; everlasting life.

How one sees, listens, speaks and relates to others is emphasized through a combination of shared encounters and events both planned and spontaneous. Here the surreal qualities that come at the dark of night reveal public encounters where Native bodies are humanized, rendered present as urgent and relevant, making the unknown familiar. Divisions between artist and audience, class, gender, and race come together at street level through decentralized immersive theatre, scripted and improvised speech, animation, audio, and projections.

An Anishinaabe interpretation and tribute to the late David Bowie's song Life on Mars - a critique of entertainment, 'neebahgeezis' is one word in the Anishinaabe language for 'moon'.

— Maria Hupfield


Hupfield is a Brooklyn-based artist and member of the Anishinaabek Nation from Wasauksing First Nation, Ontario. Her traveling solo exhibition, The One Who Keeps on Giving, opened the 30th anniversary of The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. A co-conspirator for #callresponse, grunt gallery, and Crossroads: Art + Native Feminisms, Museum of Arts and Design NY, she co-owns Native Art Department International with Jason Lujan. Hupfield is founder of 7th Generation Image Makers NCFST, a Toronto arts program for Native youth. 

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