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Facing the Sky

Waterfront (Bay Street to Harbourfront Centre)

Curated by Louise Déry, this exhibition features 10 projects along the waterfront.

Lousie Dery

Curatorial Statement

Artists have always turned their eyes to the sky and many of them, today, are following in the grand romantic tradition, standing as explorers with their heads raised towards outer space, observing its immensity, evoking its boundlessness while at the same revealing its poetry, mystery and magic.

In a world where the sky is being sold by the piece to meet the demands of the communication industry and in which formidable powers are busy hiding information or spying on the transmitted signals, artists will look at the night to reveal it and to shape the invisible in its multiple dimensions: exploration of the infinite, contemplation of its intangible power and consideration of its fragility. They will also contribute to reinvent the geography of the night as well as remind us of the ambivalence of our relation with the night-world, a world of bright stars as much as black holes, of dreams as much as fear, of survival as much as apocalypse, of heaviness and weightlessness.

The sky begins level with the surface of the earth. It makes visible the alternation between day and night. As 'night-walkers', we enter into the vertigo of the nocturnal sky.

— Louise Déry


Louise Déry lives and works in Montréal. She holds a PhD in art history and is the director of the Galarie de l'UQAM (Université du Québec a Montréal). She has curated many projects in Canada, Europe and Asia, featuring major artists including Daniel Buren, Giuseppe Penone, Michael Snow, Nancy Spero, Shary Boyle, Dominque Blain, Artur Zmijewski, amongst others. She was the curator the Canadian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2007 (David Altmejd). She is now working on an exhibition with Graham Fagen. Déry received the Hnatyshyn Award for curatorial excellence (2007) and the Governor General Award in visual arts (2014).

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