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And the Transformation Reveals

Bay Street (Dundas Street to Front Street)

Join curator Camille Hong Xin with 10 projects along Bay Street betwen Dundas Street and Front Street.

Camille Hong Xin

Curatorial Statement

The mystery of transformation, the central theme of Rainer Maria Rike's poetry, was essential for his creative process and understanding of humanity's true nature. Critic A.S. Kline wrote that Rilke considered "his constant task as transformation, of himself into another, of the world into the mind, of external phenomena into internal, of things into thoughts, of being into consciousness and becoming." In his poem, Duino Elegies, Rilke envisions - for human and for Earth - a reciprocal transformation. To a real extent, they become each other. The great existential poet went through an alchemic transformation crafting his art, so have his readers for the past century.

In ancient Greek, the word is metamorphosis. The idea of metamorphosis is an essential part of beings. What do we do in order to participate in transformation, to change and be changed? The selected works in this exhibition not only point to a process where the essence and/or appearance are reconfigured, but also offer us a mind and body experience where our being is transformed from within. They aim to discover and illuminate our inner poetry, emotional conflicts and spiritual inquiries in specific narrations between time and space, history and memory, nature and greed, and life and death.

— Camille Hong Xin


Camille Hong Xin is a writer and freelance curator based in New York. In the 90s, she was actively involved in the Chinese underground art scene. While writing and publishing her poems and prose, she helped to produce China's first TV Talk Show Tell It As It Is.

After moving to the U.S. in 1997, she studied film and published her poetry collection and subsequently worked as a gallery director and an art critic and curator. Her writing has appeared in Art in America, Aperture, M Magazine,,, and Cue Art Foundation, among others.

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